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​Aquinas offers the opportunity for our homeschool students to participate in the sports program.
Students wishing to participate in interscholastic sports must meet DIAA Requirements to be eligilble and review and complete the Home School Athlete Application.

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Homeschool Athlete Application
  • Provides religious instruction and material that is truly Catholic and is submissive to the teaching authority of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.

  • Provides face-to-face consultative support to families that have academic questions or may need supportive instruction, as well as, an opportunity for parents to review and use a wide range of instructional material and equipment.

  • Provides an opportunity for home school students to participate in personal and spiritual development through group activities, e.g., rosary, retreats, Mass, and activities based on the lives of saints and/or Catholic themes.

  • Provides an opportunity for students to participate in social activities: plays, clubs, art and music classes, field trips, etc.​

  • Individualized curriculum that matches the child’s intellectual strengths and learning style.

  • We provide instructional support services such as standardized testing,

  • We provide instructional advising, progress reports, course syllabi, maintaining school records and transcripts. 

  • Satisfies state school attendance requirements as an “enrolled”  student in a private school.

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