Aquinas stresses the importance of morality and virtue in the Catholic life.  The school provides many and regular opportunities for grace—First Friday Masses, confession, Eucharistic Adoration, pilgrimages, and retreats.  These activities encourage the development of the whole person.
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Every aspect of the academic experience is given over to the development of the whole man:  the man who speaks, writes, and acts in the context of the Ignatian concept of "eloquentia perfecta" (perfect eloquence).
  • Directs all actions toward the honor and glory of God;
  • Teaches the Catholic Faith;
  • Demonstrates and develops in the student a loyalty to the Pope;
  • Offers a complete education in which all subjects will be taught in the light of the Faith;
  • Develops in the student a realization of Catholicism as a way of life;
  • Demonstrates and develops in the student a respect for all duly constituted authority;
  • Fosters a display of refinement in manners, speech and dress in accordance with Christian ideals;
  • Promotes the dignity of human life;
  • Develops the spirit of Christian charity;
  • Develops and practices a life of prayer and worship, finding in the examples of Mary and the saints models of a Catholic way of living.​

Aquinas Academy strives to produce “the true Christian... the supernatural man who thinks and acts constantly and consistently in accordance with right reason illumined by the supernatural light of the example and teaching of Christ.”  (Pius XI, The Christian Education of Youth)

Aquinas Academy
A fully accredited private Catholic school 
"Consecrate them in Truth"
2370 Red Lion Road, Bear, Delaware 19701  ~  302-838-9601
​Please join us in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass right here on our campus every month and on special feast days.