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The extraordinary curriculum is liberal arts.  Aquinas Academy has adopted this curriculum from other similar-type school programs across the country that have the same objectives and purpose.  These schools have proven time and time again to be very successful at meeting this objective  (e.g. schools such as Seton School, Kolbe Academy and Trivium School).


A catholic Liberal Arts education embraces excellence in human achievement.  It is the exposure to excellence that gives witness to value, to truth and, thereby, to God.  A child will imitate what he learns.  If exposed to excellence, he will be attracted to excellence and imitate it in his thoughts, words and deeds; if exposed to mediocrity, he will imitate that, too.  Parents want the best for their children.  This means the best education to prepare them for the future.

Today some believe that, with the many advances in technology, education must be completely overhauled, that none of the old rules apply.  The last 30 years have seen education become a collection of fads.  Fads come and go, but the classics of literature, art and music survive and remain to inspire and to educate those who study and absorb their lessons.  The classics document mankind’s search for the truth.  What better preparation for life in the Third Millennium than to learn from the wisdom of the first and the second?

Education is an end and the means: to know, love, and serve God in this world, so that we might be happy with Him forever in Heaven.  Only training in greatness, of intellect and will, can equip a young person to learn from the past, to live in the present, to grow into the future.


“It is necessary not only that religious instruction be given to the young...but also that every subject be permeated with Christian piety.”
(Pope Leo XIII, Imilitantes Ecclesiae)

The curriculum will:

1. Be suited to the full development of the students according to their needs and abilities;
2. Recognize in its choice of subjects and experiences a hierarchy of values with certain subjects having intrinsic value over others and contributing more to the attainment of the educational aims of the school;
3. Provide for the progressive mastery of materials which constantly challenge the developing abilities of the student;
4. Be integrated by coordinating several subjects and activities with a common philosophy permeating the whole;
Develop discipline as exhibited in conduct, study, thinking, memorization, communication and imagination.


1. Teaches the student to think intelligently, critically and wisely; and to express himself with clarity and competence;
2. Promotes character by responsible application to study and submission to intellectual, social, and moral discipline;
3. Provides the opportunity to develop physical and health skills, proper social attitudes and habits and sound convictions of confidence and worth;
4. Trains the students as American citizens who understand their rights and obligations, their part in the function of government, and their responsibility to promote the general welfare, realizing the effect of their actions upon the lives of others;
Promotes the development of leadership, especially moral and religious leadership, through the personalization and commitment to truth and the application of Christian principles to activities and personal conduct.

Aquinas Academy
A fully accredited private Catholic school
"Consecrate them in Truth"