With advances in technology, today’s education focuses primarily on skill development and short-term outcomes.  However, a Catholic Liberal Education embraces excellence in human achievement and frees the person to pursue true happiness.  It is the exposure to excellence that gives witness to value, to truth, and thereby, to God.  A child will imitate what he learns.  If exposed to excellence, he will be attracted to excellence and imitate it in his thoughts, words and deeds; if exposed to mediocrity, he will imitate that, too.  Parents want the best for their children.  This means the best education to prepare them for the future.

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     A comprehensive liberal arts curriculum is one that builds a strong academic foundation and develops study habits that the student will use as a life long learner.  Courses include theology, composition, literature, history, mathematics, science and fine arts.  Instruction meets or exceeds  Delaware school curriculum standards for  academic subjects with secondary courses meeting requirements towards a high school diploma and college acceptance.
"Consecrate Them in Truth"

A total of 22 credits is required for high school graduation.  They are as follows:

4 credits of Theology
4 credits of Composition
4 credits of Literature
4 credits of History
3 credits of Mathematics
3 credits of Science

Aquinas Academy
A fully accredited private Catholic school 
"Consecrate them in Truth"
2370 Red Lion Road, Bear, DE 19701    (302)838-9601


End of the First Quarter November 3rd